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kids golf lessons in newport beach, CA

P.G.A. Junior Sports Academy -- New for 2013

PGA Professional Golf Instruction, PGA Sports Academy for Kids, fitness program in Orange County, CA

With Kid's interests changing practically each and every minute, and with all of the
electronic media distractions that draw them away from outdoor activities--our goal
is to prove that golf is more interesting than playing video games or watching
television. The P.G.A. Sports Academy takes an innovative approach to step
outside the box and make a stronger connection between golf and fun.

Each student who participates in the P.G.A. Sports Academy will be involved in
activities that build fundamental motor skills to perform a golf swing--such as
timing, balance and coordination. These skills need to be developed in order to
make learning golf easier, and more enjoyable for Kids.

John Leonard's P.G.A. Junior Sports Academy will teach fundamentals to each
age group, based upon activities which are best suited to fit their level of
physical motor skills.

Each session is 1 day per week, for 5 weeks. Participants who complete the
program will receive a Certificate of Completion for each level completed.

•  Level 1 - Sport Level, Ages 6-10 (T - 3:30 P.M. to 5:00 P.M)
Maximum 6 students per class

•  Level 2 - Player Level, Ages 11-15 (F - 3:30 P.M. to 5:00 P.M)
Maximum 6 students per class

$130.00 per student for 5 weeks. Range Balls are included.

Sessions Include: Professional Golf Instruction, Safety, Etiquette, Golf Terminology, Fitness and Nutrition, Golf Skill Development, Golf and "Near Golf Experiences."

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Junior Clubs and Accessories are available at Newport Beach Golf Shop (On Site)



First Session begins 3/25/13

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