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kids golf lessons in newport beach, CA

Semi-Private (Group/Family) Lesson Rates

2 People: Single Lesson - 45 Minutes: $60.00 Per Person

2 People: Series of (5) 45 Minute Lessons: $250.00Per Person

3-4 People: Series of (5) 1 Hour Lessons: $225.00 Per Person

Game Builder: 2-3 People $250.00 Per Person

Series of (5) 1/2 Hour Lessons


1 1/2 Hour on-Course Playing Lesson

(Chipping, Pitching, Sand, Strategy, Rules, Etiquette)

9-Hole Playing Lesson

2-3 People: 1 1/2 Hour Lesson $100.00 Per Person

*Students are responsible for purchasing Range Balls and Green Fees

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